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"Web Programming is a challenging and rewarding career!  Front-end skills, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are being used in all industries now, and many companies expect their employees to have some knowledge of this technology. This will only increase exponentially going forward."

                                                                                                                                 Judy Cannon

Web Architect/Instructor

Computer Science and programming courses covering all of the latest technologies, like Javascript, PHP/MySQL, E-Commerce, Software Engineering principles, Software Version Control and more...

Welcome Austin Community College Students enrolled in the Web Developer Certificate Program!

All information about the Austin Community College program is at https://continue.austincc.edu/webmaster

ACC students must register and pay for classes on the ACC website, and then return here to take the classes.

How to get started

After you register and pay for the class on the ACC website, register for an account here in Moodle. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Once you receive the email, click the link to return here. Then scroll down to the class list below and click on your class. The next page has an "Enroll" button for you to request enrollment. On the first day of class I approve all requests, and you will automatically be enrolled in your class.

Other Students:

My other classes are available to all via Paypal payment. Check the Web Technology Institute category for a list of all classes not associated with ACC. Register for a free account here in Moodle, then click on the program or course name and pay via Paypal. You will gain access to your course within 24 hours. I offer many additional classes not included in the ACC program, so this is a great place to continue to more advanced subjects!

How does the program work, and what is included?

Courses are run on the Moodle Learning Management system. Moodle provides a comprehensive learning environment that includes features such as student chat rooms, progress tracking, student question and answer forums and much more.

Each course has a dedicated instructor who monitors the class, grades assignments, views website development, performs code reviews, and answers questions via the class forum. Although the classes are self-paced, and students can work at their own pace, they still have a dedicated instructor standing by to offer assistance.

Each course has several graded assignments, which lets students put what they have learned to use.

Our program is also not completely video based, like courses you would see on other online education platforms. Why? Because most video based courses have students sit back and watch someone else write code, which is NOT the same as diving in and writing your own code. It is way too easy for students to just watch the videos without really learning how to solve problems on their own. We use videos where needed, to complement the content.

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Available courses

Development of basic knowledge of programming concepts and techniques. Using C-Language as a teaching vehicle, this course will expose students to the basic programming concepts they need for further work with programming languages. Prerequisites: End-user familiarity with computers, the Internet.

Introduction to WWW Authoring, HTML and CSS is a foundation class that teaches the basics of Hypertext Markup Language coding and Cascading Style Sheets. The class begins with the history of the Web and a look at how it operates, then goes on to a more technical look at HTML and CSS.

Intermediate Web Authoring, HTML and CSS is the second part of a three part series of classes on the fundamentals of Website Design, HTML and CSS coding.

Advanced WWW Authoring and XHTML is the third in the WWW Authoring series...

Javascript Programming

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Site news

Picture of Judy Cannon
Universities Moving to Javascript
by Judy Cannon - Tuesday, 7 March 2017, 8:35 AM

Stanford University is switching its introductory programming classes from Java to JavaScript due to industry demands and student feedback.


Picture of Judy Cannon
To All September 2014 Students...
by Judy Cannon - Friday, 5 September 2014, 8:49 AM

Welcome! My September classes run from 9/2/2014 to 9/23/2014. My classes are self-paced, and you can hand in assignments as you work on them. All assignments are due by 6pm on the last day of class.

Please ask all questions in the class forum, and try to help other students out as much as possible. Your grade is based on points received from graded assignments and/or exams.

I answer forum questions during my office hours, Monday to Friday from 8am to 1pm.

Enjoy your class!


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