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Was just doing some grading...
by Judy Cannon - Friday, 30 April 2010, 11:21 AM
Hi folks,
I was just doing some grading for HTML I and CSS class, and I keep wondering if students who I have previously graded (for a particular assignment) are getting duplicate comments from me (in email) when I do my grading???

If so, I hope one of you would let me know. The Moodle gradebook module lets me decide ahead of time whether or not to email my comments as a notification to the student. But, each time I grade a new student I'm always wondering if Moodle is sending out my previous comments again. This is something that is not in the manual, if you know what I mean mixed

So, please let me know if you have received multiple comments about the same assignment, and I will figure out how to stop that from happening...