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ACC Scam Alert
by Judy Cannon - Wednesday, 26 July 2023, 3:20 PM

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff —


A scammer has been sending students fraudulent internship offers using the names of actual ACC professors. These offers have come over Gmail accounts and NOT ACC email accounts. 


Victims are told in an email (example attached) they are getting a paid internship. The scammer then sends the student a fraudulent check to deposit (example attached). Students are then asked to buy supplies from a shell-company vendor using the funds they received.  After the victim has incurred the personal expense, they learn from their bank that the check they received is fraudulent.


If you receive such an email or any other similarly suspicious email, please alert ACC Police immediately at 512-223-1231.


Remember: ACC will never contact you through a non-ACC account.



Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Executive Vice Chancellor, Operations and Public Affairs


Lynn Dixon, Chief, ACC District Police Department