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Students Using ACC's Google Drive Feature
by Judy Cannon - Wednesday, 2 August 2023, 9:54 AM
Dear Riverbats, Within the past year, the Information Technology Department has been working to improve the availability and security of our Google Workspace Platform. With the addition of Panopto and with the direction of Student Services we will begin to standardize the Google Workspace platform beginning with Student Storage. Currently, our global students are allowed to store their data on Google drives without space limitations and create shared drives with the ability to invite anyone in the world to upload an unlimited amount of data. The data they are uploading is unfiltered and could be considered suspect as well. We are now approaching 500k total users as g.austincc.edu email accounts are not disabled after the student stops attending the college. ACC IT is working to ensure that we utilize the acquired resources at the same time we promote our security posture with our Riverbats data. On September 1st, 2023, student shared drive access will be disabled and all current student shared drives in use will become unavailable along with the data. This equates to roughly 450TB of data: Information on how to move data from Google drives can be found here. Students who contact ACC before December 1st will be given an opportunity to recover/export their data. After December 1st this data will no longer be available. In addition, in regard to Student Google Drive storage (not shared drives), Active student storage will be limited to 10GB and is subject to removal after they become inactive. Inactive students will not be granted storage. Thank you for your cooperation, ACC Information Technology Department